All Hands Beach Resort – Subic Bay, Zambales, Bataan, Philippines

In today’s post, you’ll finally get to see us swim! Of course, how can we not go swimming while vacationing in a tropical country? We had to do it at least once or our Philippines trip wouldn’t be complete, haha. A relative recommended us to visit All Hands Beach Resort, which is located in Subic Bay, Zambales, Bataan.

All Hands Beach Resort is very clean, the customer service was excellent, the food was cooked fresh to order and super delicious, and the waters were clear and calm. They offer plenty of sports activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, banana boating, and jet skiing. They have a 24 hours coffee bar and shoreline dining services. They have great choices of overnight accommodations at reasonable prices, as well as, free wi-fi. Also, you are welcome to bring your own food and beverage inside the resort. You can use their grills to grill your food for free too. What’s great about this resort is that it is abundant in sea life. When we were there we saw many types of crabs, fishes, jelly fishes, and sea shells. When we went, there were some parts of the resort that was still under construction, but it wasn’t bothersome. You are also welcome to play sand volleyball and they also have a small chapel in there for those of you who needs some quiet/praying time. Check out some of our pictures:

Just finished checking in! Guess what? There is an abundance of Pacific Green Turtles in this area between the months of October to February. How neat is that?!

img_6680Ready to go inside! You get a boat cart like this to help you bring your stuff inside.

Hi Yuna! Why do you look so serious? Haha.

Clear, calm waters … Perfect for kids and so easy to spot marine life even in shallow depths. They also have floating rafts if you just feel like getting on one and relaxing.

Of course, RT can’t skip paddle boarding! He loves doing this ever since he was little.

Beach chairs spread throughout the shoreline. Perfect for just laying there and chilling.

Inside one of the huts. We are taking a break and waiting for our lunch to be served!

The waiter recommended this to us — Seafood pancit, Grilled fish, and Grilled pork. Oh and don’t forget the rice! Rice is life, haha. I forgot the actual names 😦

Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s more fun in the Philippines”? It is absolutely true. No, I’m not being biased but despite it being underrated and a third world country … It is a great place to travel to, because everyone pretty much speaks English, prices are cheap, the hospitality is incredible, the weather is near perfect, the food is delicious, it is generally safe despite the news, there is a lot of options for public transportation (jeepneys, buses, tricycles, a private car and a personal driver, etc.), there is always things to do and see, I mean come on … The country is made up of over 7,100+ islands! I honestly felt like 2 weeks was not enough. I mean of course a lot of our time was spent visiting relatives and attending family reunions, but I really hope the next time we visit the Philippines, we can stay longer and actually island hop! Have I inspired you to visit the Philippines yet? I hope so! Until next time …



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