Baguio, Philippines

Hi loves! Today’s post is an accumulation of some of the things we did while visiting Baguio, Philippines. Baguio is a mountainous town and it is commonly referred to as the “City of Pines”. Unfortunately, the weather was not favorable when we stayed in Baguio. It was raining a lot, but at the same time it was very warm! Don’t you just hate moody weathers??? We still had a lot of fun though. I’ll only mention some of the places and things we got to do and see while we were there, but there are so many other things that we didn’t have time for and for those, you can just research them yourself! Haha. Anyway, when you visit Baguio …

1) You have to take an honorary picture with the big lion head statue at Kennon Road! Your visit isn’t complete if you don’t do it! It’s kind of like a tradition. By the way, we were eating strawberry taho here. That’s what we were holding on to! You’ll learn more about that in this post later …


2) If you want a good view of nature, as well as, the zig-zaggy roads going up and down the mountains, visit the Kennon Road Viewpoint. It tells a story of how the road came about and while you’re there you can also see how an Ifugao hut looks like.


3) Tam-awan Village is a great hike up the mountains and you get a good view of the South China Sea when you reach the top. It is a reconstructed Cordillera village full of nature, traditional huts, a gift shop, a cultural information center, a fish pond, a large dream catcher, an art museum, and a cafe/restaurant.


As far as “must do’s” while in Baguio, you have to go …

4) Horseback riding at Wright Park. Now, there are a couple places you can go horseback riding in Baguio, so there isn’t any reason to skip it. The horses are all trained, so you need not worry! There will also be a guide to go with you, if you’d so choose. Our horse’s name was Apple Jack.


5) Baguio is famous for their strawberries. I suggest buying fresh strawberries and strawberry jams while you’re there! They are super delicious and they don’t taste like the commercialized jams you buy from the grocery stores. Also, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, if you have never tried strawberry taho before, you need to! Taho is silken tofu with caramelized soup and tapioca pearls … But Baguio has a strawberry version, where instead of having the original sauce, it is actually strawberry sauce with fresh strawberry chunks too!


6) Camp John Hay is probably the nicest place you can stay in while in Baguio. I think it is a little bit more expensive compared to other places there, but you can opt for a rental home or check-in in one of their hotels. It used to be a military installation and it is a historical place with outdoor activities to keep you entertained like a butterfly sanctuary, picnic grounds, an eco-friendly trail, paintball grounds, restaurants, etc.


8) Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop is located inside Camp John Hay and you seriously have to try their famous strawberry cake. It is so good and it is not overly sweet.


9) Mines View Park. This is located near the palengke in Baguio City. Don’t forget to take in more of the scenery here … Also, you must take an Igarot picture here too! You can pay a small fee and they will dress you up in Igarot clothing, then you can take as much pictures as you want. You can also take pictures with St. Bernard dogs, and they have all sorts of stalls where you can purchase more souvenirs, plants, etc. However, using the bathrooms isn’t free. In order to keep their restrooms clean, you’ll have to pay a fee (if I recall correctly, it was 7 pesos to get a ticket to pee and 12 pesos to get a ticket to poo). Greeaatt!


10) Palengke (fish/wet market). If you are looking to buy some delicacies to take back home, look for the Tantamco brand. They are one of the most famous brand of delicacies in Baguio. You gotta try their Ube (taro) Jam, Lengua de Gato, and Peanut Brittle! They sell out fast, so get them while you can.


12) Garcia’s Pure Coffee. While at the palengke, make sure to make a stop at Garcia’s Pure Coffee, if you love fresh coffee beans! They have different kinds of coffee beans, but we like the Sagada dark roast. It is also one of their best sellers! You can ask yours to be freshly grounded and packaged like we did.


13) Good Shepherd. Besides the fact you can pray and lay your intentions here, you can also buy stuff. However, delicacies and souvenirs inside this Catholic Convent can get a little pricey compared to prices in the palengke, because they use their sales to help fund the convent. Make sure to buy yourself some Snowballs, they are so good!


Anyways, I hope you guys got some ideas of what to do, where to go, and what to see if you end up visiting Baguio, Philippines. Baguio is a good place to visit, it is a little different from the other places we’ve visited during this trip because it is located way up in the mountains. The drive is a little long, but on the plus side there isn’t much traffic! It isn’t congested like how Manila is, so if you want a break from traffic and pollution, as well as, you’re a big fan of strawberries and horses, head on over to Baguio! It is rich in Filipino culture and history and it is also one of the most popular tourist areas for both foreigners and locals alike. I also recommend coming here when it is a little bit colder, I heard January or February is a good time to visit … We came here in December and it still wasn’t cold enough (it was like 85 degrees), haha! Anyway, stay tuned for more of our trip, thanks guys! Until next time …

Yours truly,


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