Villa Escudero – Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines

Happy Monday everyone! Today I want to share with you my experience at Villa Escudero as our 2nd stop during our Philippines trip. Villa Escudero is a coconut plantations and resort located in Tiaong, Quezon, which is still located within the island of Luzon. They have multiple things to do and see here. As you are coming into the hacienda, you will pass by the coconut plantation. There are lots of farm animals to see! You do have to pay an admission fee, but it is affordable. There is also parking near the entrance. Also, they serve Sago’t Gulaman (a typical cold Filipino drink made up of water, brown sugar, gelatin, and tapioca pearls) for free. It’s pretty yummy, however, I found it too sweet for my liking! I heard many people like to hold special events and weddings here. They have a large designated gazebo area for special occasions. They also do some sort of buffet and hold performances at the gazebo for people who stay overnight. They have different swimming pools (an infinity pool for all, a kiddie pool, and a 21+ pool), you can go bamboo rafting, you can grab some coffee and snacks in their cafe, you can eat their lunch buffet (not the same one as the gazebo’s buffet) right next to the waterfalls and sip on some fresh coconuts, you can visit museums and a Catholic church, you can ride a Carabao while being serenaded by a guy w/a guitar and singing women, you can pass by their housing village where long term employees and their families live, you can play in their multiple playgrounds, there are art installments everywhere, you can watch performances (I think this is only during the weekends) and you can sleep over one of their bahay kubo’s (if you read my previous post, you’d know what that means!), etc etc. Below are some of the pictures we took during our stay at Villa Escudero, I hope it inspires you to visit the place too:

This is a Catholic Church/Museum, interestingly, it is painted a bright pink! It contains a historical museum inside, where it houses some of the family’s rarest collections.

This is a special playground right next to the church/museum. Yuna really enjoyed this manual horse (carousel) ride! I have never seen anything like it before!

This was one of our favorite parts during our visit — the Carabao ride! A Carabao is a native Filipino water buffalo. Carabao’s are normally used in farming. How silly … her name is “Mahinhin” which translates to “ladylike” or “feminine”, haha! She really was!

This was our ride! Yuna sat up close and center 🙂 Thank you Manong and Mahinhin!

Lunch buffet by the waterfalls! It was such a great dining experience. The food and the location was good.

This is the dining area right next to the waterfalls. It feels so exotic.

Lunch time! Their menu consisted of rice, side dishes, grilled fish, vegetable stew, bbq, soup, fruits, so on. We were so full!

We couldn’t leave without taking an up close family picture next to the waterfalls!

My boyfriend showing what’s on the other side of the waterfalls!

This is the way to get down to the waterfalls area. Everything is so green! Both the buildings and nature itself!

This is where you can go bamboo rafting. They had a floating Christmas tree made up of small individual star lanterns.

You can chill here at the Cafe. They serve drinks, snacks, and it was really nice and quiet inside. They also had a balcony with more chairs, so you can enjoy the view.

This is one of the pools … It is an infinity pool and the water was cool and clean!

I had forgotten my bathing suit, so I ran to the nearby shop and bought work out clothes to use for swimming! (Their swim suits were one-size-fits-all and I was too fat to fit them!!!)

This was their 21+ up pool area. No kids allowed! Perfect for adults who do not want to be disturbed by children.

A long swing made up of old car tires and a wooden bench!

No, I did not drive this … I just posed for the picture hahaha!

I highly recommend this place for anyone who loves nature and want to learn more about Filipino history. Just like the previous place we visited, Abe’s Farm, this is a great place for a retreat and getaway. It is nature friendly, family friendly, rich in Filipino history, cuisine, activities, and it will allow you to get some of that much needed R&R time. Customer service was really good too. Everyone was nice and friendly. They were also very accommodating and helpful. I’m sure you won’t regret it! If you guys ever visit this place or have visited this place, I’d like to know your experience! Thanks for stopping by and until next time …

Yours truly,



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