Reviews: Tazo Green Tea Latte and Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hi there! Two weeks ago, I bought two latte concentrates from Target, which are the Tazo Green Tea Latte and the Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really like 1. Green Tea, 2. Pumpkin Spice, and 3. Chai Tea Lattes – thanks to Starbucks (and in no particular order, of course) – so, I had really high hopes when I saw these! I knew I had to give them a try … After all, buying Starbucks latte’s a few times every week does add up and can get pretty pricey, especially when you have a budget to maintain 🙂


Anyway, each box of latte concentrate retails for around $2.99 at my local Target. That’s really cheap, considering you can get multiple servings out of each box. I’m pretty sure that the Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte is seasonal, but the Green Tea Latte is available year round. I’m going to give separate reviews below, because I found both latte concentrates to be quite interesting.

Green Tea Latte = 2 out of 5 “stars” 😦


I was very disappointed with this concentrate. Mainly because it did not taste like green tea latte at all! It was overly sweet! Sooo sweet even doubling the milk to “water down” the taste did not help even a wee bit. The honeydew melon and other luscious fruits flavors that were incorporated were also way too strong, which I believe is the reason why it overpowered the green tea. The direction says to mix equal parts of the green tea latte concentrate and milk, you can serve it either iced or hot, and believe me … I tried to work with this concentrate, both iced and hot version … I also tried to put less concentrate and more milk (and even tried making it with soy milk and almond milk instead of whole milk) … But I just couldn’t get it to taste right even after trying to tweak the recipe on several occasions. The only things I liked about this was that the caffeine level was on the lighter side, so if you didn’t feel like taking in too much caffeine, then this caffeine level would’ve been perfect! Also, the price point was ideal. If this had worked out just fine, I definitely would not mind paying $2.99 per box, to be able to just quickly and deliciously whip up a green tea latte whenever I craved it. Bummer.

Chai Pumpkin Spiced Latte: 2.5 out of 5 “stars” 😦


I rated this concentrate just a 1/2 “star” higher than the green tea version, because I did taste the chai tea in this particular one. However, it did not taste anything like pumpkin spice to me at all. I love both on their own, but as far as this concentrate is concern, I don’t think they mix well together. I love drinking pumpkin spice lattes during the fall season, so I was really excited about this. Unfortunately, just like the green tea latte concentrate, this one was way too sweet. I tried to tweak the recipe, both for hot and iced versions, but it was not delicious at all! There were no “pumpkin” taste either. The chai tea was overpowering it as well. Furthermore, compared to the green tea latte, this one had a much higher caffeine level … So, if you were looking to have a low caffeine dosage, then obviously, this would not be one of your options. However, I did appreciate how it was around the same price as the green tea latte concentrate and it pretty much had the same directions on how to prepare it.

As you can see, I didn’t like any of these latte concentrates. They were both disappointing. I really wished it would’ve tasted better and most importantly – less sweet – because it would’ve been so convenient and affordable to have these on hand, instead of always going on a Starbucks run! Furthermore, the only reason why the chai pumpkin spice latte scored a tad higher than the green tea latte, is because at the very least, the chai pumpkin spice latte concentrate, tasted somewhat like chai tea, whereas, the green tea latte concentrate didn’t taste like green tea at all. Overall, I do not recommend these to anyone who loves their lattes. I think making your favorite lattes from scratch will always be better – both price point and health wise – since we all know that Starbucks drinks are not the healthiest and most affordable option! Haha, but I’m guilty as charge! I go to Starbucks so often that I have to make room for it in my food budget.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my product reviews. I hope that this had help you, in case you were looking to try the Tazo latte concentrates. If you had tried and loved these concentrates, I’d like to know your recipe for whipping it up and why you like it! I am aware that just because it didn’t work out for me, does not mean it didn’t/wouldn’t work out for you! Everyone is a little different, so I’d like to know if you had a more positive experience with these lattes compared to me. Until next time …

Yours truly,


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