WonderSpaces, Pop-Up Art Museum

Hey there! Last Sunday, July 9th, we decided to check out this neat little pop-up art museum called WonderSpaces in San Diego, Ca (in Mission Valley, to be exact!). We purchased the tickets online the day before. They do offer student discount and if you have children (I believe) under the age of 3, then they get in for free! Anyway, we really enjoyed it and we are so glad that we got to check it out before it ends! Yuna had a blast as usual and we really love taking her to these sort of events, so we can show her how much there is to experience and hopefully, along the way she’ll develop an appreciation for art too 🙂 I honestly find any form of art therapeutic, so I hope she does too! Anyway, check out some of our pictures below! *drum roll please*

Papa bear and Yuna bear at the entrance.

Yuna attempted to touch it because it’s so colorful!

Yuna got to take her turn to touch this huge ball after the others 🙂

Who are you looking at Yuna bear???

I actually thought this exhibit was scary! I felt like it was something I would hear or see in a horror movie! Haha 😦

So many interesting things we saw there! Yuna looks very curious and serious too!

Do you see a fist? From the side you couldn’t tell. This was also one of my faves!

Yuna was a bit terrified of these dancing things! I don’t even know what they are called, but check out her face … She looks so worried!

Those were just some of the pictures we took … Of course, there were a bunch of other interesting things to do and check out in there! WonderSpaces is open until Sunday, July 30th, so if you haven’t gone there yet, try to get your tickets now. You only have about 2 weeks left. Indeed, it was money and time well spent 🙂 I wonder what is the next museum/event we will be checking out soon? Any recommendations? Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

Yours truly,


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