Del Mar, Ca: San Diego County Fair

Hey there! On Sunday, June 4th, we took Yuna to the San Diego County Fair, or locally known as “Del Mar Fair”. It was her first time going there, so it was pretty exciting for all of us! Honestly, everything is always better when Yuna is involved, haha.

If it isn’t obvious already, my last posts have been about our family trips and quality time together, so I hope it isn’t annoying any of you yet! No worries, I have planned my next few posts already and I promise to give you diversity! 🙂

For now, let’s take a look at some of our pictures from the fair:

Hi Yuna, why do you look so worried? Lol.

She was fixated by the people dancing while the musicians play in the plaza.

Fair food! We decided to try the Bacon Wrapped Sausage and Pastrami Fries.

Oopps, Yuna wasn’t ready for the family pic!

We saw a gigantic horse named Hercules! He was 6’6 tall and weighed 3,049 lbs!!!

Here are the horse’s info! WOW.

Yuna is finally laughing next to this rooster statue! 🙂

Of course, we had to get on some rides. This one was the Safari themed train …

Next up, are the flying elephants!

This rainbow popcorn was good! We liked it ^_^img_3478

Well, that was our day at the fair! Although, Yuna wasn’t smiling in most of the pictures, she actually had loads of fun. I guess we just couldn’t capture her happiness on camera at the right time! We are not sure if we are going to return one more time before it closes in July, since we still have 2 more tickets, but … We’ll see. I guess it all depends on how we feel and our plans for the following weekends (honestly speaking).

Anyway, thanks for checking out my post! I do really appreciate your time and interest. Have a wonderful day and until next time …



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