Tecate, Mexico: Food Trip

Good morning! Recently we visited Tecate, Mexico on Saturday, June 3rd for the first time. I went with RT, Yuna, and a couple of other people from my work place … For my privacy, as well as, theirs (I will not reveal the organization I work for), I will not post pictures with them, rather, just the ones with my little family. I hope you guys understand where I am coming from 🙂

Anyway, we had loads of fun eating so much authentic Mexican street food, like various types of tacos, churros, Jamaica, and fresh fruit popsicles, just to name a few. We also visited the Swap Meet, the town square where a mariachi band played for us while we sat and rested under the shade, we also passed by the Tecate Brewery (but unfortunately it was still under construction and was closed to the public), and their famous pastry shop! We just had to bring back some on our way home!

Below are some of our pictures from the trip:

Hello Tecate! We have arrived.

Revolucion St.

Map of the city.

The best fish and shrimp tacos ever!

Your DIY toppings/sauces for your tacos.

More tacos in the Swap Meet! I forgot which tacos these were …

Yuna is loving her Jamaica juice (made from hibiscus flower).

They give you so much churros for so little price. Waiting for our churros to get their coating on! Hmmm.

Fresh fruit popsicles!

RT had the mango chile and I had the chokolate! (Did I spell it right???)

At the town square.

Neat little shop in the town square.

Best pastry shop in town! Ohh so many choices and very delicious!

Some pastries we bought to take home 🙂

Last stop for tacos! Oh my gosh – Al Pastor, Asada, Chorizo, etc etc. 

Until next time Tecate! We will return again for your delicious food.

Those were just some of our pictures from our “food trip” to Tecate! I call it a food trip because that’s all we did! We just ate, ate, ate and walked around everywhere. The people were incredibly nice, though, they hardly spoke any English. None of us spoke Spanish, but because I speak Tagalog and some words in Tagalog and Spanish are the same, I was able to understood just a tiny bit of some of the stuff they were saying! Like when they would count, haha. I can’t wait to go on more travels soon! Until next time …



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