San Diego, Ca: SeaWorld

Hi there! Today we decided to take Yuna to SeaWorld for the first time 🙂 Because San Diego is home to three theme parks – SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo/Safari Park, and Legoland – we decided that we will invest in being annual pass holders for these parks, because it will be both enjoyable and educational for Yuna. That’s a win-win situation for us! Since we have the rest of the year to take advantage of SeaWorld, we weren’t in a rush to explore all the attractions and shows for today.

We were only able to get on 2 rides – Abby’s Sea Star Spin and SkyTower – because Yuna didn’t meet the age/height requirements for the other rides yet. She still doesn’t walk either, so she couldn’t run around and play with the other children at the Sesame Street Bay of Play. Furthermore, we didn’t buy any food or drinks inside the park, because as you know with all theme parks, it can get pretty pricey. Instead … We bought bentos and drinks from Nijiya Market before heading there and we ate our lunch prior to entering the park. It saved us a lot of money and we never got hungry while exploring. I hate being exhausted and hangry all at once! Don’t you too???

The day started off a little gloomy, but eventually the sun came out and it got pretty hot throughout the day. This is typical of San Diego weather, but it’s all good.

Below are some pictures we took:


It started getting warm, so I took off my cardigan and wrapped it around my waist.


Yuna’s 1st ride – Abby’s Sea Star Spin! It was very much like the tea cups at Disneyland. I actually got dizzy after riding this, haha.


This was during Yuna’s 2nd ride – SkyTower. The aerial view of the entire park and some parts of San Diego were pretty nice.


Papa and Yuna got up close and personal with a dolphin.


Lots of cute dolphins! I love them 🙂


Yuna measures up to 30 inches with her knees slightly bent. She’s still smaller compared to a baby dolphin though, haha!


RT said something funny while we were in this side of the park … He said, he always confused Shipwreck Rapids with Disneyland because it didn’t feel like it fit in SeaWorld!!!


Checking out a bunch of aquariums.


Yuna got freaked out of the many leopard sharks, cause they swam quickly together!


I just felt like taking a picture among these pretty flowers.


As a kid, I always thought the white spots on the sides of their heads were their eyes 🙂


I love these tiny fishes because they are translucent, so when you shine a light through them, you can see inside their skin. Check out their itty bitty skeletons!


This was taken at the Shark Encounter looking above the aquarium. How cool was it to have sharks swimming above us? Yikes!


Yuna’s a freshly hatched egg 🙂


Lots and lots of penguins. Oh and look at that dude feeding them!

Today was a fun day! We were glad to see Yuna engaged and interested the whole time … With the exception of her nap time. She actually fell asleep towards the end, because she was exhausted. We can’t wait to bring her back soon and watch some shows next time!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far and thanks for tuning in! If you haven’t been to SeaWorld yet or it’s been ages since you last visited, I hope you guys add it to your bucket list and stop by soon. They’ll have new rides and attractions opening up this summer, so I’m sure y’all will have plenty to do and see. Until next time …

Yours truly,


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