Carlsbad, Ca: The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

Hey there! Happy Monday! 🙂 On Saturday, my little family and I went to The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. Carlsbad is still considered part of San Diego, but much North (for those of you who are not familiar with where it is located). Furthermore, it is conveniently located right next to the Carlsbad Premium Outlets (shopping!) and not far from the freeway exit. Anyway, below are some pictures we took. When we went on Saturday the weather was a little chilly and gloomy but everything turned out fine. We walked around and took a wagon ride, because boy oh boy, we were pushing Yuna in her stroller and it was such a long walk (maybe we’re just out of shape?). Since the fields just opened last week, not all the flowers were in bloom … but still, a good amount of it was. There were different types of little gardens here and there, then we also saw some birds inside their cages! Depending on which day you go, they do host events and shows. It is very family friendly. I believe the flowers will be in bloom from March – May, so make sure you check them out before it ends. We had a good time and I would definitely recommend it 🙂


RT and Yuna (she’s inside the stroller) at the entrance to The Flower Fields.


A postcard bench can be found upon entering and Yuna and I decided “to” send it to a few of her Ninangs! They are always sending us post cards 🙂


Mama bear and Yuna bear just chillin’ inside this gazebo.


Sitting right next to this big pot of flowers. I don’t even remember what they were called!


We got a little thirsty so we got some freshly squeezed lemonade! Isn’t their lemonade stand so cute? It’s a lemon!


It’s unfortunate that Yuna is too young to be able to play with the other kids at Santa’s Playground … We’ll be back next year when she can run around and stuff 🙂


However, we were able to enjoy this Sweet Pea Maze. Did you know that I suck at directions? I’m always getting lost (even with a GPS – not that I used a GPS to find my way out of this maze!) and I love how Sweet Peas are native to Italy! I love Italy, it’s in my travel list because who doesn’t enjoy gelato, nutella, pizza, and pasta??? Seriously. Ok, I’m getting off topic, haha!!!


I guess this is a chunk of the fields where the flowers are not yet ready! But the rows of greenery is pleasant, isn’t it?


Finally! Rows and rows of pretty colorful flowers! 🙂 Yuna, where are you looking it?


Mandatory family pic! Yuna, why do you look surprised??? Silly girl 🙂


Sleepy Yuna bear … Doesn’t her blanket match the fields? Haha.

Anyway, after the fields we decided to check out the Carlsbad Premium Outlets. We ate at Moto (San Sai) Japanese Grill for lunch. We didn’t have much time to shop around but we did score some good deals at Banana Republic and Gymboree! We’ll definitely go back there soon and do a little bit more shopping 🙂

If you do check out The Flower Fields, I’d like to see your pictures too! Comment them or send me a link to your blog/instagram/etc. Enjoy the rest of your day/week and talk to you later! Totally love y’all!



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