Review: Holika Holika Pig Clear Dust Out Deep Cleansing Foam

Hi everyone! Today I just want to do a quick review on the Holika Holika Pig Clear Dust Out Deep Cleansing Foam. I was surprised to find this Korean skin care product at TJ Maxx for only $6.99, so I had to pick it up and give it a try.

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical at first because I never got good results with Korean skin care or beauty products in general. I always ended up with acne almost immediately after using them no matter how much they claimed to be “all natural”, so I thought this was going to be no different … but to my surprise, this did not break me out!

By the way, my skin type is very oily, sensitive, acne prone, with acne scarring on my cheeks and chin area. Furthermore, these days when I do break out it, it is usually on the lower part of my face … They are usually hormonal.

Anyways, I have been using this for a little over 2 weeks now and my skin has never been cleaner! Well, it’s almost that time of the month for me and I have been eating bread 4 days in a row, so … it was about time I got a pimple or two, but I know for sure, this product did not cause that pimple! Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I usually break out within a few hours or after a day or two, if something doesn’t work well with my skin … But that didn’t happen with this Holika Holika Pig Clear Dust Out Deep Cleansing Foam! That makes me sooooo happy because I finally found a Korean skin care product that did not break me out for once! 🙂

As you can see, this product is white and has a little bit of shine to it. Under the light, it almost seems pearlescent. It comes out creamy but when you start to lather it with wet hands, it actually thins out … Contrary to its name, it doesn’t simply foam up by just lathering it with your hands. I haven’t tried using it with a face brush or net to see if it will foam up better that way, so I can’t speak much about that. It also doesn’t have a strong scent to it, which is my preference because scented skin care/beauty products irritate my skin 😦

What I really like about this product is that even though it doesn’t foam up that well, it really gets into your pores and pulls the dirt out! My face feels squeaky clean afterwards. In the beginning I found this troublesome because I hate it when my skin feels really tight after cleansing. I always felt like the “tightness” feeling results from over cleansing of my skin, thus, stripping it off its natural oils … but with this product, the squeaky clean/tightness feeling usually goes away after a minute or two, even without applying moisturizer yet. So, at least that troublesome feeling doesn’t last very long! 🙂

All in all, I will give this product a 3.5/5 stars. Below are my pros and cons in a nutshell:

Pros: Affordable, cute packaging, did not cause break outs, not scented

Cons: Does not foam/lather up well, gives a tightness feeling afterwards

If you guys feel like giving this a try, I would recommend it! Especially for people like me who have very oily, sensitive and acne prone skin types.

Until next time ….

Yours truly,


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