Lunar New Year Festival

Hey guys! Earlier today we checked out the Lunar New Year Festival at Qualcomm Stadium to welcome the year of the rooster! We arrived just when it opened around 10am, so we were able to take advantage of the games – we won some cool prizes, food, and rides! Yuna couldn’t get on any of them, so I just let RT go on the rides by himself while I kept Yuna company 🙂 There were plenty of food trucks/stalls to choose from, info booths, performances to watch, and areas to take pictures in.

Check out some of our pictures below!

Our tickets …


Entrance to the festival.


Year of the rooster!


Can you read what’s on the podium?


Yuna and her papa …


Cute little bridge …


There were live chickens under this (nipa) hut!!! They just were not captured in this photo though, bummer 😦


This was our chosen food stall to buy lunch from!

We bought monster fries, bulgogi combo, and grilled squid … Yummy! (Don’t mind that misplaced onion on the right side, haha!)

Me and the mascot were wearing matching red shoes!

We stayed here for a good 2 hours and we enjoyed it! I know Yuna wasn’t smiling in any of the pictures but that’s ok. She was happy in real life, trust me! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and may you have a happy lunar new year! Also, I hope your weekend is going great so far 🙂 Until next time …

Yours truly,


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