Happy Planner: Black, Yellow, and Gold Weekly Spread

Hey you! I hope you’re enjoying the remainder of your weekend. As you know, I like to pre-plan my Happy Planner weekly spreads every Sunday. So, for this week: October 31st to November 6th, I decided to go with a semi-halloween, but predominantly black, yellow, and gold theme. Why? I just felt like it, haha.

***Disclaimer: I bought everything mentioned in this post with my own money. I am not sponsored or paid to write this post.***

One of the sticker sets I used today is from an Etsy shop called StickerSters and it is their Dandelion and Black Damask collection. The other sticker set is from the MAMBI planner basics collection and it is the Value Pack Stickers – Color Coordinated Sheets. I just tore the two sheets out so I can coordinate it with the other set. Lastly, some of the halloween deco stickers I used were from the 250 Halloween Stickers booklet that I found at the Target dollar spot. By the way, the gold bow included in this picture is actually a planner band and I use it to keep my Happy Planner nicely shut. I bought it about two years ago from an Etsy shop, but sadly, I cannot remember the name of it.


On my previous weekly spread post, I did not include a “before” picture, so for this post I’m going to include one. This is how a typical blank weekly spread looks like for me, because as I have previously mentioned, I have the undated version of the Happy Planner. The color just changes depending on the month. Also, every other page has a blank footer or a dotted one. This page happens to be dotted.


I’m pretty happy with how this week’s spread turned out. The only things bothering me are the “Weekend” banner and the smaller banner on the second box under Friday which says “Write it down”, because they are barely readable since they are written in gold color font. Oh well … It’s not that big of a deal, really.


Are you enjoying my planner posts so far? Are you a planner enthusiast as well? If you are, I’d love to see your stuff too 🙂 And for those who don’t care about planning/planners, don’t worry about a thing! This blog will not only be planner related, haha. XOXO.

Yours truly,


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