Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Today, we all had to wake up extra early (like 5:30am) because Yuna and I joined her papa and his company in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk at Downtown San Diego. In order to wake our spirits up, we grabbed coffee at Starbucks before heading to the event. RT had his usual black coffee, while I got a little taste of heaven with my pumpkin spiced latte. Oh, and we totally forgot to wear pink but at least Yuna didn’t!

The walk started at Balboa park, then we went through the 163 freeway, through Hillcrest, and back at Balboa park. It was about 4 miles long and it took us about 1.5 hours to complete it. There were thousands of walkers of all ages, sizes, and color. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together to support a cause and raise awareness for breast cancer. Yuna enjoyed watching the cheerleaders that were occasionally cheering people on as we walked by. However, she did get scared of the cars that were showing their support by honking at the passing crowd.

On a side note: Yuna’s infamous for her pooping schedule. She regularly poops 2-3 times per day, and today was no exception. While we were waiting for the walk to begin, Yuna had her first poop explosion. Shortly after the walk started, she fell asleep. When we reached the 3rd mile mark, she woke up and had her second poop explosion. We decided to make a stop at Rite Aid, but the lines to the bathroom were long and they didn’t have a changing table, so that was a bummer. Her third poop happened at home (yay!) after she took a bath … great.

During the last stretch (the 4th mile), there were volunteers giving us high-fives, so we took Yuna’s hand and gave them each a high-five as we raced towards the finish line. She kept smiling at the volunteers and they were easily captivated by her happy energy and adorable smile. I mean who wouldn’t be?


All in all, we had a great time and a good workout! My thighs were burning (just a little bit) after the walk. We’re glad we were able to take part in this event … It’s always nice to show support for not only the victims of the cancer, but as well as the families and friends of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, both alive and deceased.

Of course, we had to celebrate with a good brunch afterwards. We decided to eat at the Original Pancake House in Convoy St. I wish we could’ve taken a picture of our food, but we were too busy getting our grub on (nobody wants to see a messy plate right?) … At least Yuna got a picture of her organic oatmeal, haha.



Yours truly,


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