San Diego, Ca: Torrey Pines, Coronado Island, and Seaport Village

This weekend was loads of fun! Now that Yuna bear spends most of her days awake and active rather than hibernating (like she did during her first 3 months), we have been taking her out and giving her a little tour of America’s finest city – San Diego!

Saturday, 9/10: We went for a hike at Torrey Pines, which took us about 2 hours to complete a couple of trails. It was a gloomy day, but towards the end of our hike the sun came out. Yuna loved looking out into the ocean and feeling the nice breeze. Oh and what a coincidence, we even bumped into RT’s boss and her family there! What a small world.


Sunday, 9/11: In remembrance of 9/11 – the attack on NY’s twin towers, we spent the day at Coronado island where there was live music and other special events going on, then we took the ferry ride to the Convention Center/Seaport Village where we watched street performers, checked out a nearby marine “booth” where they showcased tanks/weapons/etc, then we did a lot of walking around until Broadway where we ate at the food trucks area, before catching the ferry back to Coronado island.


Overall, it was a fun-filled and exhausting weekend for us! It was great spending time outdoors and enjoying what nature, as well as, what San Diego has to offer. I’m proud of Yuna bear for being such a good sport the whole time and appreciating our adventures and quality time together. Proud mama right here! On top of that – good weather, nice scenaries, friendly people, and delicious foods … What more can you ask for?! Definitely, a weekend well spent! XOXO.

Yours truly,


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