Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Good morning peeps! It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend and I just thought I’d share with you the highlights of my Labor Day Weekend festivities.

***DISCLAIMER: I took these photos myself with my ancient, but trusty smartphone, and everything that is pictured or will be mentioned in this post was paid for by me and not sponsored.***

Saturday, 9/3: I treated myself and my mom to a very relaxing and much-needed facial at my favorite spa and because I was not able to take a before and after picture of us, I’m just gonna go ahead and use my receipt as a “visual” for this particular event. Yes, there was a difference in the “tip” because I gave extra to my other lovely LE for doing a spectacular job on my mama dearest! She was a happy camper, so that’s all that matters!


Sunday, 9/4: My baby-daddy and I took our daughter to the Birch Aquarium so she can get a glimpse of the Marine life. She enjoyed looking at the different sea creatures and seeing other babies and kids that were there too! It’s a bummer she wasn’t looking at the camera when we took this group photo. Can you tell we were using a handy dandy selfie-stick in here? Yup, we were one of those peeps!


Monday, 9/5: I just had to take advantage of the sales happening today and picked up a few essential items. In this mini-haul I got 2 pair of leggings (in peacoat and black) from the Simply Vera Wang collection, a lace collared tank (in woodland wanderer) from the Lauren Conrad collection, a mattifying primer from Cargo, a foundation (in shade NP3) and powder (in shade PF 3.5) from Lorac, and a matte liquid lipstick (in shade Soft Mauve) from Lorac, as well. So basic yeah?

2016-09-06 10.10.57.jpg

Ok, so clearly, I’m not the best at taking and editing pictures, but it’s in my bucket list to improve such skills! In any case, I had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and I hope you did too! Until next time …

Yours truly,


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